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Mistress Georgia Payne

Mistress Georgia Payne

Mistress Georgia Payne

Los Angeles, CA

How Far Will You Go?

Voted Time Out Magazine’s LA’s Best Dominatrix

This Mistress loves to play games! If you enjoy a good old-fashioned mind fuck -
Georgia Payne goes all the way!

Ms. Payne enjoys heavy corporal punishment more than anything else. She is known for adoring the precision of the cane but other implements that please Her are the single tail, hairbrush, and Her rubber strap that She fondly calls the “oh shit.” Ms. Payne is also passionate about cross dressers and bondage sluts and can spend hours putting her “damsels” in positions that they could never hope to escape. Oh, but she enjoys watching them try!

What does a potential slave need to know if interested in serving this red haired vixen? Nothing short of being truly willing to give themselves over completely.

This Mistress loves to play games! If you enjoy a good old-fashioned mind fuck - Georgia Payne goes all the way!

TimeOut Magazine


My life of BDSM began in New York. I was a mere 21 years old and still in college when a group of us would frequent the popular S/M clubs. I used to just go and watch –a complete voyeur! Later, I started going by Myself when the novelty wore off for My friends. I was intrigued and wanted to participate, but didn't know how to get involved. I decided to do a paper on S/M while in school, and made an appointment to visit one of the local BDSM clubs in the city. I interviewed the ladies, and even did a few "cameos" during My jaunt. I was impressed by the intellect and creativity of the Mistresses. For them, having men grovel at their feet all day was a way of life. I asked if I could come back for a second interview. This time I fully participated –commanding slaves to do things for me, to satisfy whatever desire I had at the moment, and then punishing them if they didn't meet My standards. I was a complete natural! I loved having that power and I felt that I deserved it. It was as if I had found My place, My home. I took a good long look at My life up to that point and realized that I had been dominating men on some level all along; only I didn't know there was a name for it.

I used to humiliate one boyfriend in high school by making him do a strip show for Me, and then whipping him with a belt if he wasn't "dedicated" enough. I also remember taking another high school boyfriend to a shopping mall dressed head to toe in women's clothing. Hmmm, I wonder how it shaped their lives?

Back at school, I did My paper on BDSM (which left a classroom full of dropped jaws and an A+ for me) and went to work at this dungeon. A few of the ladies showed Me the ropes, so to speak, and a Domme was born! I acquired a stable of slaves in the Big Apple and was sad to leave them behind when I made the decision to sew My sadistic oats out west. After a brief stay at the famous Velvet Underground, I chose to take up residence at Lady Laura's Dominion. The Velvet Underground was a wonderful place, but more for the established Domina. I was pretty much starting over. Laura's was great to Me and a really nice place to play. They really were responsible for introducing Me to the L.A. scene. I loved the Dominion so much that I stayed there for 4 years before venturing out on My own. In 2000, I ended up renting from Simone Justice in Hollywood and became part of the legendary Justice League that included Simone Justice, Gemini, Nicolette Rule and Domina M. During those years, I learned and grew more than I ever had before, and made life-long friends.

In 2005, I co-wrote a book called HOW TO BE A DOMINANT DIVA that received quite a bit of national publicity including but not limited to coverage on: The O'Reilly Factor, Redbook Magazine, David Lee Roth Radio and Kevin & Bean. HOW TO BE A DOMINANT DIVA focuses on giving couples the inspiration and tools to explore eroticism, role-play and power exchange in a way that is exciting but never intimidating! It's is an innovative sex book full of 69 frisky, daring games that challenge couples to stretch their sexual boundaries and boost their bond. Check out www.dominantdiva.net for more info or you can buy the e-book on Amazon.

I've been a dominatrix for 20 years now and continue to hold a stable of slaves. Most of the slaves that are new to Me have done their research and are extremely compatible. I have molded My style and demeanor over the years to what I am now. I know what I want out of a scene and I go after it. I love the adrenaline rush and endorphins that I get while playing. I love being under the rule of My world. I love being served and have grown to love some of My slaves. If and when I decide to leave the pro-scene, I know that it will always be a part of My personal life. I learned that I cannot live without it and it is a part of who I am.

A world without guilt, shame or judgment. My world...

Mistress Georgia Payne

How Far Will You Go?

Let go of the stresses and responsibilities that shadow your true self. Stand before me stripped, exposed and vulnerable. This is how you truly want the world to see you, isn't it?

But they can't see you. Only I can see you. Only I can take you where you want to go. Need to go. For this is the freedom you've yearned for. A world without guilt, shame or judgment. My world...

Perhaps you'll be wearing a pretty dress or perhaps you'll be wearing nothing at all as you accept that the ropes have been tightened around you like a sensual blanket. You feel a leash tugging but it's not at the collar placed around your neck as it has so many times before. No, this time it's at your soul. You've given yourself over so completely to Me that the physical and the ethereal have become one.

Pain has become pleasure and pleasure is found only in giving over to another in a way you never imagined possible. More powerful than love. More rewarding than lust. As you fall deeper and deeper into My world you realize your needs no longer matter.

What you feel, you feel completely and you can't imagine ever again feeling anything less. What you're feeling is the feeling of being owned.

It's all part of the journey to true freedom which is Mine to give if I should so chose. Will you earn that freedom you so desire? Will you show Me you deserve it? The first step on that journey is no step at all because it begins on your knees. It begins now...


Include But Not Limited To
OTK Spankings
Whipping (Single Tail)
Hair Brush
Special Fondness for the Cane
Domestic Play
Verbal Abuse
Psychological Torment
And More
Intricate & Inescapable Bondage
Sensory Deprivation & Overload
Forced Feminization & Training
Role-play & Psychodrama Scenarios
Medical Exploration
Electrical Stimulation
Chastity Play
Public Excursions
Financial Domination
Extended & Overnight Sessions
Guest Masters/Mistresses and slave girls
Couples Welcome and Encouraged
She Does Not Engage In
Body Worship
Full Toilet
Age Play/Adult Babies
Animal Play
Fantasy Wrestling
Anything Illegal and/or Ending in “Job”



Explore Ms Payne's alternate website Overmykneela.com.

This site offers more in-depth information on: Domestic Discipline, Corporal and Judicial Punishments, Behavior Modification and Female Led Relationships.


The day I first met Miss Georgia was in many ways life changing for me . To that point I had played with others but always walked away feeling like there had to be more .

It just wasn't satisfying that itch that I had been unsuccessfully trying to scratch my entire life. It never felt real . Sure the pain was real and the tease was inviting but I always felt like I was going on the journey alone. I was beginning to wonder if maybe some things were just meant to remain in your head and simply weren't an attainable reality.

Then I met Georgia and that all changed. It was near the end of our first session that I looked up with what must have been a look of complete bewilderment because I'll never forget her words . She looked down with that charmingly evil grin that in the coming years I would learn to both yearn for and fear and said " Yeah this is really happening " .....

With those few words I realized that this mistress was not only giving me what I had longed for but she was enjoying it as much as I was !

That was 15 yrs ago and although much has changed in my life . I still look forward to our sessions together as if they were our first . She continues to take me new unexpected places and has the ability to continue pushing h me further without me even realizing it until she snaps me out of my subspace and tells me how far I've gone . She's just that good ......

I will forever be grateful to Miss Georgia for the doors in my soul that she has so gracefully helped me open and the many life changes that my relationship with her has helped me through. To understand all of this takes years of playing with someone .

However upon your first meeting if she allows you to look into her eyes long enough you'll realize that this is no game. She wants to open you up and see whats inside because as much as we enjoy her .....I kinda think she might enjoy us even more !

Yeah she's just that good.......

Mister Elfie

As a male submissive with over 40 years of experience, I have been fortunate to session with and get to know a wide range of highly skilled and experienced Dominatrixes across the United States.

Mistress Georgia is unequaled in her skill and intensity and her ability to establish an authentic Dominant /submissive dynamic . It is important to me as a submissive that I sense a genuine urge by the Dominatrix to take total control, to instinctively sense my vulnerabilities and for the Dominant to take great pleasure in exploiting those vulnerabilities . No one does this better than Mistress Georgia.

However, as many have observed, Mistress Georgia's sadism is not an act . She can take you as deep into pain and submission as you can go and then may push you to go a bit deeper . That being said , there is no one in the D/s community I have ever met that I trust or respect more . Although you will get all you are likely able to handle , you will always be safe and feel Her energy and strength in the most supportive way . The word "transformative" is often over used in this context but is entirely appropriate for an encounter with Mistress Georgia.

bob F., Los Angeles, CA (@boblany)

There are many fine Dominas in Los Angeles and i should not wish to disparage any of them however there is nobody else like Mistress Georgia. Imagine the nice, respectable lady from The P.T.A. or the pretty middle class housewife in line before you at the supermarket. Now imagine that lady is one of the greatest Dominatrices in the world. Do this and you will just begin to have an idea of what Mistress Georgia is like. There is no sense of the underground or the sex industry about Her. She is quite literally The Domme that you could take home to Mom except that you can’t. Not because you wouldn’t want to but because She wont let you! She doesn’t need you but you’ll need Her.

How many times have you knelt before a Mistress hoping to find the fulfillment of your dreams and fantasies only to find, “It was great…but….not exactly what I had hoped for. Not what I dreamed about. Everything was so much better in my fantasies.” Mistress Georgia will make you forget about your fantasies because She’ll take them away and replace them with something better! There is no play-acting with Mistress Georgia. She has no "Mistress persona". The Woman You see in session is the same woman in Her every day life. Mistress Georgia will replace your fantasy with Her reality and once you’ve tasted Her reality, your life is never going to be the same again. i know because that’s what happened to me.

robb, Los Angeles, CA (@chitempleslave)

I have been lucky enough to play with Mistress Georgia since she has recently returned to the scene. She is absolutely beautiful and always dressed to impress in a way that just oozes sexiness. Her piercing eyes will burn you with an intense fire that matches her gorgeous fiery red hair. If you can make it past her stunning looks, you will find the most beautiful intelligence and creativity around.

Mistress Georgia has a reputation for being an intense player. I am always looking for someone that is comfortable playing hard and pushing limits. She is right at home in this regard; always so in tune and connected during a scene. I do not need to play with safe words with Mistress Georgia, but I will be taken right to the edge every time. And I usually surprise myself and end up going farther than I ever imagined possible. I have plenty of fetishes that I like to explore in sessions, as does Mistress Georgia. One thing I have come to expect when playing with Mistress Georgia is that I will not know what to expect when I submit to her. But I know that many fetishes will be explored, the play will be very intense, and I will love every minute of it!

I have played with tons of Mistresses and some of the best and well known players around. Mistress Georgia is beauty and brains, fire and fun, glamour and genius, sexy and serious. She is my absolute favorite!

joe San Francisco, CA (@joed1616)

How can I put into words, a description about such an extraordinary woman as Mistress Georgia Payne, the vocabulary of the greatest writers of the world could not adequately describe her. A number of years ago Mistress Georgia and I started on a journey; she has guided me on this journey and has brought me to places I never thought I would reach. As I look back on where I was and where I am she has been there to introduce me to everything I have experienced. I don’t know where this journey will end but I know that Mistress Georgia will be there to direct me.

Mistress Georgia is an exceptional Mistress; she intuitively can establish the rapport needed to take her slave to places never imagined. If you have the opportunity to enjoy her ministrations, don’t hesitate, it will be an experience to be remembered. “If you enjoy a good old-fashioned mind fuck, Mistress Georgia goes all the way”

charles, Tustin CA (@ta5567)

I first came across Miss Georgia Payne nearly two decades ago, the clubs and events I attended which included Velvet Underground. Behind the Angelic smile of this leather and latex clad Domina is a cold sadist who will push limits and expect obedience, devotion and pain tolerance. This is not an act, and not for wimps. Georgia has a depth of experience and innate ability to get inside the head of anyone who is ready and willing to serve her. It’s hard to beat an experience with her. Hold onto your hat it's one hell of a ride!

max, Los Angeles, CA (@maxhillman)

Mistress Georgia Payne is a world-class dominatrix with a wealth of skills, talent and experience. Her sessions are intense. She does not waste time warming you up to get you into your headspace - she cuts right to the chase which ends right on the edge of your limits. It is hard to reconcile the paradox of this cruel, nasty, hardcore Domme with the caring, nurturing and understanding person, which she can sometimes reveal. This means that you can trust her with your most private secrets and fantasies, and easily succumb to her devious mind. If you have the opportunity to play with her, don't hesitate to become her prey.

little winkie, Los Angeles, CA (Fetlife)

I have seen Mistress Georgia for the past fifteen years. She is by far the best Mistress I have ever sessioned with. I doubt if anyone can equal Her proficiency. She is especially adept at using Her favorite one, the cane. Rope bondage is a specialty of Hers and absolutely no one is better at performing it. If my experience seeing Her is any indication, and I believe it is, no Domme can possibly relate better to Her slaves. She is highly intelligent and combines extreme sadism with a caring attitude that very few if any mistresses can equal. If someone is looking to session with the most outstanding Mistress possible in every respect, I highly recommend Mistress Georgia. She has very few if any equals and as far as I’m concerned, She’s the best of the best.

sekitori, Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Georgia has an uncanny ability to get inside a slave's head, wreak havoc in there, and leave him feeling happy and grateful for the experience. She continually takes me in new directions, knows just when and where to push and when to throttle back, continually has me guessing yet also has this devious glint in her eye that lets me know something intense is about to happen. And she does this with a style that is authoritative without being demanding, and that combines firm, unwavering standards and expectations with a sense of playfulness and caring. She's tremendously versatile, delighting in tormenting the masochist, embarrassing those who crave humiliation, or elaborately constraining the bondage junkie. Every scene with Mistress Georgia has left me exhilarated, sated and looking forward to the next time I can be under her spell.

slut, San Francisco CA (FetLife)

First saw Georgia over 10 years ago after replying to her ad. I was looking for a heavy discipline session from someone who truly understood what that meant. We exchanged a few emails and I explained to Georgia that I was really looking to be pushed. I had done many sessions with several other Dommes who told me I was the heaviest player they have encountered so I wasn't too worried as I made my way to her play space. Georgia led me to the other room to her bench and started to pull out ropes. I protested because I had never been tied up during a scene. She reassured me that she had never injured someone and that she knew exactly what I needed.

Once secured Georgia told me she knew I had never really been broken and that I was tied down because that was the only way I would be able to take it. At that moment I knew I was in for an intense experience. Georgia delivered the most intense discipline I had ever endured. I tried every trick in the book to get her to show mercy but couldn't. Halfway through I begged her to end the scene and she paused to ask me if that was what I really wanted. She told me that she knew from my emails that I would regret ending the scene later that night (I knew she was right) and that I was nowhere near my limit. We reached my true limit that evening.

As I drove home it hit me that I finally got the session I always fantasized about. I truly was not in control from the second I walked in the door ..... I took far more than I ever intended on signing up for........ but I did get exactly what I needed. I was pushed to the breaking point but was not injured. I was challenged and exposed to a different level of play. I emailed her the second I got home to book the next session and we have been on a decade long adventure ever since.

Georgia's ability to sense what you can truly take, her ability to safely take you there, and her willingness to drag you where you need to be taken (if that's the session you want) is what sets her apart from the rest. There were sessions I wasn't up for truly heavy play and Georgia would tell me and scale her level down accordingly and there were other sessions where she truly let me have it. If you know the frustration of asking for a heavy session and leaving disappointed because the Domme was not capable or because they let you quit before you reached your true limits then you really should give Georgia a try. Her experience, safety, ferocity, and intensity are virtually unmatched.

chad, San Francisco, CA (@c_mrwonderful)

I am a long-time kinkster, and without a doubt Mistress Georgia Payne is the best Mistress I have ever session'd with. I recently re-connected with her after a long absence, and it was if we had never been apart. She knew what i wanted out of a session before I knew myself. She is very skilled with a myriad of implements, and do not be fooled by her small stature, her arm is very strong! She is beautiful, adept, and obviously cares very much about bringing the best experience possible. She has my devotion for as long as she wishes!

gary, Bakersfield, CA (FetLife)

When i think of Mistress Georgia, the first word that comes to mind is "intense." As i look back on the many experiences i have had with Her over several years, i realize that there has been a physical progression, but even more so it has been a psychological journey. In one of my early sessions with Her, She had me restrained on a bench and did as she pleased with me. As i struggled with the pain i uttered that i didn't think i could take it. She calmly gave me a choice - i could mercy out, but i would never be able to see Her again; or, i could just take it and She would continue as long and as hard as She wanted. That is, of course, what She did! Eventually the pain subsided and i drifted into the bliss of "sub space," which i had never really experienced before.

There have been so many experiences like that with Her, starting with the thought that i don't think i can do it, but realizing She is in control, knows what She wants and won't be denied. As much as the focus may be on certain activities, i think Her true talent is in assessing a slave's interests and boundaries and then pushing limits to a new level, again and again. There is a reason i have kept seeing Mistress Georgia over the years; quite simply, She challenges me physically and psychologically in ways that no one else does. Plus, there is a human element that makes O/our encounters that much more fulfilling. She is an interesting and multi-dimensional person and i feel fortunate that O/our common interests have brought U/us together.

michael, Orange County, CA (FetLife)

I have been privileged to know and serve Mistress Georgia Payne from time to time over the course of the past 20 +\- years. Her brand of FemDom is compassionate, firm, intelligent, and elegant. She demonstrates sensitivity without sacrificing any aspect of command or control. Erotic, intelligent, acutely aware and sensitive -- it doesn't get any better.

gregg, Los Angeles, CA

I have been around the BDSM scene for over 2 1/2 decades. I was passing through Los Angeles years ago, and made time to sample some of the local talent. Luckily, I "shopped wisely" online and came to meet Georgia Payne. After a short interview, Georgia Payne was able to repeatedly bring me right to the edge of "mercy". Ms. Payne gave me a session that I had not experienced for 10 years. And that was our first session! Every visit thereafter has been a different . . . and extreme experience. Ms. Payne just loves to open new doors and experiences and then push hard. She is a master (Mistress?) with the cane and can leave you breathless with the electrics. She mixes the rare qualities of being obviously attractive, intelligent, intuitive and very, very professional and real.

tom, Mexico (FetLife)

Mistress Georgia Payne is a experienced and stunning redheaded sadist. She has an innate understanding of the needs, desire, and fears of her victim. She genuinely enjoys what she does, particularly in terms of administering real pain, so she is the perfect match for a true masochist. While she can be cruel and push the boundaries of even a hardened slave, she is a safe and understanding mistress. I have always left her presence feeling fulfilled and renewed. And, when not in session, she is completely empathetic and sincerely wants the experience to work for both tormentor and victim. I recommend her without hesitation.

Kinky Englishman, Los Angeles, CA (FetLife)


Mistress Georgia Payne currently conducts sessions at the beautiful Chi Temple in downtown Los Angeles. The studio offers a medical area and domestic room in addition to the primary dungeon space.


Electric Hoist & Full Suspension
Bondage Table/Cage Combo
Cage Suspension
Whipping Post
Spanking Horse
Medical Table
Domestic Dressing Table/Couch/Bed Setting


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